As he sees me

A few weeks ago, on a Thursday night, I randomly realise I hadn't dress JP in his (mandatory) school gown once that week.

"well, I've done it pretty, all week and no gown for you," I say, in amusement.

"Yes, that's true" - he acknowledges, clearly not so amused as me.

I know he doesn't like to be called upon that in school (yes, as you may suspect his mother has forgotten the gown on several days before -   he would be upset and wanting to go back home to get it upon arriving at school, which is not an option I can oblige, so on those days I talk to his educator personally, apologising and making it clear that it is my fault and decision he is without the gown that day. The novelty in today's story had to do with the four days in a row... without even realising ... I was doubled amused, by myself -four is a record, even for me-,  and by his apparent acceptation: he said nothing all week). His tone made it clear I misread this, so I change my tone too:

"I am sorry I have forgotten. Did Alice* say something about it?"

"No, she already knows you forget sometimes" he responds in the saddest voice.

As my heart floods with sorrow and guilt, I hold him and say "Are you upset with mummy for being such a light headed?"

"No mummy (he releases himself from the hug and looks at me)... you try so hard"