Until the next song

For the past months, I have been debating internally whether to keep writing this blog or to pause. I could write so many words on this subject (I did write so many words in my mind) but in the end, it's quite simple as my dear son showed me in a moment that perfectly embodies where I'm standing right now on my own blog journey:

It's Sunday morning, Pedro has left to go biking and I am alone with my son and a huge list of chores delayed from the previous day to do around the house. JP has other plans, he wants to practice yoga together.

I have no choice than to defy him into doing something else, something that allows him to have fun and be with me while I get something done:

-I have an idea: Why don't we do some free-dance?

-What is that?

-Well, we just put some music and dance


I go to my phone, it suggests Bjork. Perfect I think. As the music starts, a question:

-How do we dance this mommy?

-Easy: you can do any move you'd like

-Any move?

-Yes, you just have to listen to the music and feel it, your body will move accordingly. It's easy once you try it.

It was easy. After a few more questions of  reassurance - Can I do this? - He was moving nicely and having fun, while I changed the bed linen as if we were in a performance... At some point, almost without noticing, I went to the phone and fast-forward to the next song, only to hear, in a questioning/understanding little voice:

Weren't you feeling it, mommy?