|February| Childhood friends

I took a day away from family to spend with old friends volunteering at Serra do Alvão. The weather was non-cooperative so the work was pushed behind the genuine camaraderie, wich was also fulfilling and nice.
Childhood friendship beholds a kind of unconditional love and appreciation regardless the different life's paths each has taken. I feel at home with those people and I can only hope that my son will develop such deep friendships, for he will never be alone.

Do you still connect with childhood friends?


Play |A word for 2017|

I'm at a messy place right now - intentionally. Somehow, there's an unusual urge of "rebellion" - questioning everything - even the things I Know to be true. My excuse? Quite a neglectful one: my word for the year.

A memory kept coming to my mind for the past months, bugging me more than it ever did. It was the memory of a job interview with a bon-vivant Italian hotel director. Life for him was exploring the senses as much as he could - good food, good wine, parties, passion -  (not love but passion, he insisted). We talked a lot - he had a lot to say and he was, I believe, a bit intrigued by me.

At the end of the interview, he told me I was too young to be so serious, I should relax and play more. It was a personal advice, not a professional one, and he meant it both as an insult as perplexion, implying I was missing out on life.

I remember it felt weird to hear but I was so damn secure about who I was  ( as self-thought into life young women can be) that I didn't think much about it then, nor I remembered it for the years to come.

Until recently.  And then it wouldn't get out of my mind.

If I reason with this, though, I know I've made the right choices in my life. So what I am I doing? I don´t know. I guess I'm just playing with different approaches, as much as I can. Maybe there is something noteworthy that I've missed?  I'm filling my schedule and my life of different things. Things I usually don't do.  It is messy - it feels messy, there's a voice in the back of my mind saying, you know better, this isn't the way, and then there's the same inner voice that says - you'll be fine, you know where to come back to if you need.

Confused? Yes, so I am. Things might get weird over here, too. (Hope you'll endure some strangeness with me).


One "simple" question

Spring is slowly showing its presence, there is a flood of ideas and thoughts needing to come out of my head (no time to sit and write, though), and, out of nowhere, a question from JP this morning  while we were driving to school:

Are we passing through the world or is the world passing through us?


Looking back to move forward

I find that by noticing what I am doing, I am able to get a better grip on what my life is about. It’s so easy to be swallowed by the daily routine, overlooking the exact little things that make a life ours. Looking back at the year of 2016 through what I've written on the blog compelled me to write here again, at least monthly, to record what we have been doing, what I have been noticing. Hence, here I am again.

January evoked the winters from my childhood, temperatures of -2º degrees well into the morning, cold winds that freeze our thoughts, and no heating at home. The warmth was added by earlier bedtimes, co-sleeping, books and abundant cups of hot tea.

I find it shocking, nonetheless, JP was five this month. He celebrated the birthday with his girlfriend (true! I hope to write bits of their sweet story soon) and I’m getting that bittersweet feeling of watching him growing – moreover away from me.

As I’m trying to adjust, I’m feeling the need of something more. You know, that feeling that something is missing but you can’t yet pinpoint what that is… I’ve been trying to dig inside myself, and that isn’t always easy nor pretty. But it did impel me into two books I had for a long time but hadn’t read yet:

I want to say I should have read them a long time ago but probably they were meant to be read now when I’m actually open to them in my mind and in my heart.

If you’re curious, here are bits of their writing that resonated with me.

And of course, I couldn’t mention Derek Sivers without mentioning the two minutes and a half Ted Talk that introduced me to him “Weird, or just different?”



I've recently found out I have a superpower. Of course, I may be exaggerating a bit for dramatic purpose, but it surely feels like a real superpower to me. Something I would never dream in my wildest dreams I would be able to do. Something I've never tried or even intended to do. Something that I feel strangely proud and amused that I can do.

What's my superpower?

I have all the lyrics of every song I've ever heard in my head.
I didn't listen to that music for twenty years? No problem! Put it on and words will come off of my mind.
I didn´t even like that song? Doesn't seems to be an issue,  if I've heard it once, I'll know what it says.

Of course, this is not the superpower I'd wish I had. For starters, what good can I do with it? No clue whatsoever. And what's going on that I will forget what I have for breakfast this morning, but know some random song I've heard many, many breakfasts before? Again, no clue whatsoever.

If you have any idea of a useful way for this exquisite talent (forgive me for such pretentious manners, I am enjoying this as much as I can), please let me know.

I am curious, what's your superpower (or superpowers)?